Knauf Insulation

“The 360 is for us a powerful feedback tool and an important part of our Sustainable People Strategy. It enables us as a company to set up support for continuous development, targeted at real and concrete individual strengths, as well as to develop our leaders’ agility and instil a mind-set of change when it comes to addressing future challenges.”

Knauf Insulation sought Cubiks’ assistance with strengthening its values and leadership competencies within HR processes. Knauf Insulation wanted to gain an understanding of how deeply its sustainable people strategy was ingrained in the company’s day-to-day behaviours.

Part of the global Knauf Group

Part of the global Knauf Group

Over 30 years of experience in the insulation industry

Turnover above €1.5 billion

Turnover above €1.5 billion

Operations in over 35 countries

More than 5,000 employees worldwide

More than 5,000 employees worldwide

Established across 40 manufacturing sites


Performance and appraisal data had shown the company that there were two key issues to address; leadership competencies required strengthening, and personal and organisational capability needed developing. It was critical that Knauf Insulation could deploy an integrated tool that would incorporate both its values and sustainable leadership competencies, while enabling leaders to better understand and build on their performance.

Cubiks offers flexibility and test design expertise

Cubiks was the perfect partner for Knauf Insulation, as the Cubiks tools offered the flexibility to include tailored assessment content. Furthermore, Knauf Insulation knew that Cubiks could provide the support required in the design phase to ensure that the items in the assessments would be relevant and easy to understand throughout the business.


Gathering insight to build custom 360s

The Cubiks team worked with Knauf Insulation to translate its existing competency framework into online 360 assessments with real business impact. Combining this insight with the Cubiks team’s expertise, the end products were two custom 360 assessments tailored to fit into Knauf Insulation’s working environment. Cubiks also assisted with branding the assessments and creating strategic internal communications in order to get buy-in for the new 360s.

The 360s offer insight and reflect what matters to Knauf

The 360s are a true reflection of Knauf’s values and critical competencies. With content that relates to the real-life workplace demands of the company’s employees, the 360s provide an insightful and relevant experience for Knauf Insulation’s leaders.


The 360 profiling offers managers and leaders valuable insight into their strengths and development areas and how they relate to the company culture and leadership competencies. Within the Knauf Insulation talent development programme, this information strengthens the results from development centres and provides guidance on where precisely individuals should focus their development activities.

This has fed into a more open feedback culture generally throughout the organisation. It has provoked the company’s senior staff to build stronger self-analytical skills and has reinforced with them the value of self-awareness and behaviour change.